Neighbors Film Review

Neighbors is the story of a new parents who finds themselves living unexpectedly next door to a fraternity house.  Kelly and Mac played by Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne think they have settled down in a quiet neighborhood with their newborn baby only to find that frat brothers have moved in right next door.  It’s that conflict with the boys next door that sparks the often very raunchy comedy. The president of the frat is played by Zac Efron his side kick Dave Franco. Also co starring are Efron’s abs. They are shown and talked about so often I expected a separate credit.

The chemistry and comedic timing between Rogen and Byrne is electric but often shocking thanks to the writing of Andrew Cohen and Brendan O’Brien who brought us 40 Year Old Virgin and the direction of Nicholas Stoller known for Get Him to the Geek and Five Year Engagement. But Neighbors pushes the envelope where no envelope has ever gone or thought of going. There are more penis and poop jokes in this 96 minute film to fill several frat houses.

At its heart (That’s one body part I would like to have seen more of in this film.)there is a gleamer of truth as Rogen’s and Byrne”s characters struggle with letting go of their partying past and move into parenthood, but for the most part it’s just one sick joke after the other.  Pot smoking is mentioned so often it becomes a case of product placement. The message is loud and clear, but in all the crap a clever comedy is lost. In this case the grass isn’t greener on either side of the fence. C-


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