The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Its seems fans can’t get enough of Marvel Comic Book’s Spider-Man. Here we have a sequel to another reboot of the comic book hero’s story. The last sequel was in 2004 after Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi brought him to the big screen in 2002. This latest Spider-Man features  Andrew Garfield again as the web slinger and spinning that web appropriately named director Marc Webb. But it is a tangled web he weaves. Emma Stone is back as his girlfriend Gwen Stacey  and the villains well there is one too many. Jamie Fox is great as Electro but then there’s another in Peter’s old friend Harry Osborn aka Green Goblin.

The battles in these action sequences are too long and so is the film running well over two hours. Garfield’s character does a good job struggling between his responsibilities as a crime fighter and a good boyfriend to Emma Stone’s character. Their on-screen chemistry as it is off-screen is good but often the PDA goes way too far. Young fans probably won’t be able to get enough and after all that is the target audience of this comic book hero tale.

Will Spider-Man 2 save the day at the box office this summer. I think he already has bringing in 92 million dollars this week alone and he’s not done yet. I give The Amazing Spider-Man 2  B-


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