The Other Woman Film Review

The critics including me didn’t buy into The Other Woman starring Cameron Diaz but movie goers did. The comedy dethroned Captain America wth an estimated box office of 24.7 million. Captian America:The WinterSoldier brought in 16 million in its fourth weekend.

The Other woman is the story of Carly played well enough by Cameron Diaz who discovers her boyfriend is actually married. The wife is played by the very funny Leslie  Mann. She is one of the best things about this film. Her physical comedy is laugh out loud funny, too bad the script falls flat. There are, however,some funny moments as this twosome who become fast friends discover the man they both love has still another lover played by Kate Upton. Upton is the weakest link in this film. Her acting is amatuer at best and it becomes obvious very quickly why she is in the film at all.

The Other Woman is directed by Nick Cassavettes the same guy that brought us The Notebook a classic to be sure this one is not, not even close. What it does have is a few good laughs, but it goes on way too long. A predictable romantic comedy you’ll feel as though you’ve seen before and you have the list is endless. I give The Other Woman a C+


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