If you’re looking for an accurate account of the Bible’s version of Noah you won’t find it in Noah the movie, but what you will find is an entertaining account of director and writer Darren Aronofsky’s vision of the great voyage. While accounts of Noah are sketchy at best in the Bible, Aronofsky takes some liberty with the story of the 500-year-old father and husband who is asked by God to build and fill a boat with two of every kind of animal on the earth.
In Aronofsky’s story Noah is filled with self doubt and struggles with sin. This story is dark as Noah examines his humility and wrestles with the devil himself. Noah played by Russel Crowe is not the Ultimate Godly man I studied in Sunday School. He has his demons and Crowe plays him divinely.
We have learned that director Aronofsky loves to see his characters struggle against good and evil as he did with such films as Pi and Black Swan. He also does so with great special effects and once again the special effects in Noah are filled with images that put the movie goer on board this biblical boat. The film also stars Jennifer Connelly as his wife Anthony Hopkins and Emma Watson as his adopted daughter say what? Yes, as a I said this isn’t a film true to the biblical accounts of God’s decision to wipe the earth clean, but it is true to one man’s search for God and allows the rest of us to go along for the ride. B+


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